I have this problem with my unsupported iommu motherboard. My solution was 
change my vms to pv in a dom0 terminal with qvm-prefs vm-name 
(sys-net,sys-firewall,personal,work) virt_mod pv
and insert ip commands in rw-config-rc.local (sorry but this mac has no slash)
In sys-net edit rw-config-rc.local
ip link set vif2.0 up
ip addr add dev vif2.0
ip route add dev vif2.0

then save it and change it with chmod +x

do the same In sys-firewall too and change the vif# to the one  created to 
connect to work or personal - run ifconfig -a

change the ip. the first is the vm you are editing and the other is the vm will 
connects thru it.

Mos of the times it runs ok, but if you has no network, you should manually run 
rc.local with sudo

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