I am playing with R4.0 rc2, and with a Kubuntu Zesty VM in it. My idea is to 
use this Kubuntu VM as a stepping stone (my current main system is Kubuntu 
Zesty), letting me move to Qubes gradually, by mounting /home in the VM. This 
will let me have access to all my files and setup while I move it between the 

So far so good, there were some hurdles -- for instance, gpg-agent refuses to 
work properly with pinentry unless I manually start gpg-agent with a shell:
gpg-agent --daemon /bin/bash

Two issues I was thus far not able to debug, though:

One annoying thing that happens is that while Qt4 applications in the VM are 
using my color, icon, and widget settings (as defined in Kubuntu $HOME), Qt5 
uses a weird mix of *some* parts of the color scheme, and *some* of the icons.

This is not only annoying and an eye-sore, but also the particular mix of 
colors makes some parts of the interface simply unusable. Tried switching the 
color settings, widget theme, tried figuring out if I am missing any (KDE/Qt 
theme/icon/etc) packages, but am at a loss. I am starting to think Qubes 
somehow messes with the Qt style settings.

Anybody any ideas?

Also, started playing with Salt, wrote a nice sls file to install all the 
stuff I need in the Kubuntu VM, but... each time I run it I get an "ERROR". I 
am guessing this is related to the less-than-stellar support for Ubuntu 
templates in Qubes R4.0.

I'd love to know where I could start digging to perhaps help fix that. Any 
pointers welcome!

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

Zmieniam klucz GPG :: http://rys.io/pl/147
GPG Key Transition :: http://rys.io/en/147

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