Yuraeitha skrev den 22.11.2017 21:30:


thank you very much for your time and feedback.


Your welcome :)
I hope your new laptop will run Qubes 4 smoothly, it can be a hit and
miss sometimes, but generally you can reduce the risk by i.e. checking
if it supports VT-D, like you already did :)

My Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, runs 3.2 smoothly, with only a few bumps on the road. The steep learning curve is the personal setup I think, and the muscle memory on what to use, when :)

I definitely agree too that more could be done to communicate, sadly,
despite how pretty awesome Qubes is, communication with its
communicate, seems to be its weak point. Most people around here seem
to care about each others, it's just, there is so little organizing
and corporation, both within the community, and between the community
and developers.

Fair enough.

I actually installed 3.2 and found some interesting solutions to annoying things, an example such as fedora goes amok in large fonts with high resolution displays that have been scaled down( solution is to install gnome-tweak-tool in fedora and scale down and up again, resetting the system). That works. These things, I would like to share with others, if they run a laptop with a screen resolution of 3200x1800 scaled down. I might have provided a simple guide to Yoga 2 Pro users, but I think it won't be worth the hasle, when 3.2 soon hits EOL. But experience is always best, shared.

But having said that, the developers are awesome to step in and help
fix user issues, despite being so busy. It's just, I think at least,
that Qubes could use more staff members to help fostering the
community a bit more. I.e. like you said, help communicate so people
don't fall into security traps, instead of relying purely on OS system
designs to make sure people don't get into trouble. A mix of both,
seems like a good balance.

Yes, I have been grateful for your help, and hopefully the Qubes 4.x setup will break and not continue, if Qubes 4 cannot work without VT-D. A warning sign should only be enough if the setup works.

It seems we have meetups, promoting privacy and security (and Qubes) here in Copenhagen, so I might follow up with these guys. Promoting Qubes seems like a necessity these days.

Thanks again and take care.

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