Hi everyone,

I recently got an ASUS KGPE-D16 mainboard, since I read over here, that it 
would be fully compatible with Qubes OS.
Installation went fine, the only problem is the low screen resolution (VGA). 
Unfortunately, I can't get any external graphic cards to work.

As soon as I connect my graphic card to the mainboard (AMD Radeon 6450), the 
boot process halts shortly after I enter my LUKS password.
After entering my password, the boot screen switches back from graphics into 
text mode (black/white) with the following error message:

ERST:   Failed to get Error Log Address Range.
BERT:   Can't request iomem region 

And that's it.. Nothing happening from that point on. I can only reboot / force 

Overall, what I find weird as well, is that it takes much longer for the screen 
to get a video signal when the external GPU is plugged in. When I use the 
onboard VGA graphics, the screen reacts / shows the boot screen already a few 
seconds after booting compared to 30-40 seconds with external GPU ?? Any idea 
how to fix that as well ?

Important notes:

I upgraded the kernel in dom0 to the latest version. Although I didn't try any 
GPU with the old Kernel (4.4), thus I don't know if the issues are also present 
with the older kernel. Does anyone know ? I thought upgrading kernel would 
always increase hardware support.

I also tried to boot with a NVIDIA 980 GTX graphics card, I had exactly the 
same boot issue. So I guess it's nothing related to any NVIDIA/AMD driver 

Motherboard: ASUS KGPE-D16
GPU: AMD Radeon 6450
dom0 Kernel: 4.9.56-21

Thanks you for help!

So far I tried to use 2 different graphics cards, first a NVIDIA 980 GTX and 
then an AMD Radeon 6450.
The Radeon card is supposedly fully supported according to the Qubes and Xen 
The problem is exactly the same for both cards, so I don't really believe it is 
an AMD/NVIDIA driver issue. But maybe I am wrong ?

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