* Disable Secure Boot
* Use rEFInd to boot installation

* To restart and avoid broken LVMs (using thinpool), restart with
`qvm-shutdown --all --wait && sudo reboot`
* DPI is totally off due to awesome screen resolution/XFCE/14" screen.
Fedora just doesn't work with the DPI. Debian has no trouble at all.

Features that are tested:
* Sleep on closed lid, sometimes VM dies, and I have to restart due to VMs
not starting (MAC already existing)
* Dual monitors through HDMI/Displayport (monitor layout is not saved)
* USB works fine after allowing keyboard
* external mouse works directly
* Internal Mouse/Touchpad/Keyboard
* Function keys (volume up/down etc)

All in all everything works smootly except for the VM that dies sometimes.
The hardware is just awesome.

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