I'm not able to answer (technical issues) to the already existing
corresponding emails here, so I'm trying to send this seperately.

There's a quite new Qubes discussion/set-up here – not finished yet?:


I've also been following/studying mig5's proposals here:


*Test it with Xscreensaver first in order to not lock you out of the

It looks like you have to play around with 'variable input' and 'fixed
64 bytes' in Yubikey personalization tool and sending 63 or 64 bytes
in the yubikey-auth script.

For me, Qubes 3.2., Fedora 25 sys-usbVM, it may differ for your set-up,
mig5's version  for now, not mixing up anything from the Qubes proposals
 worked perfectly, i.e., sending 63 bytes in the auth script, no spaces
in the auth script for AES key, 'variable input' in Yubikey programming.

*Adjust your new Yubikey settings at the right time for other apps, e.g.
KeePassXC where challenge-response is working well.*

Best regards.

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