hello, I went through the docs on creating a backup of the VMs, trouble
is , I don't have the basic concept of which VMs to backup, e.g. Dom0 is
said to be 500Gb  by itself, and the Deb 8 and Fed 25 are also hundreds
of Gbs,  as is my non-network VM where I keep all my old photos , which
I did backup to somewhere, it's the only VM I've ever backed up.

But, lets say I skip the large  "old docs" file ; and wanted to migrate
my VMs to 4.0  , just which VMs would be translatable to 4.0 assuming
4.0 is going to come out of the box with like Debian 9 and Fed 26?

Am I/do people just back up AppVMs  and mostly just for 3.2 ? or what am
I missing ..... I am a basic user as you can guess :)

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