>>>> re: /var/tmp  is  dom0  I am unable  to  cut and paste  from
>>>> dom0 what I see is /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root  952848292
>>>> 780151168(used) 123272164(available) 87%   / and various others
>>>> smaller directories   ; I don't know what a "partial restore"
>>>> would look like ; I never touch dom0         :0
>>> It would be some large directories in /var/tmp that start with
>>> `restore_`. But it sounds like that's not your problem. Pretty
>>> sure it's what we diagnosed above (large backups in dom0 home).
>> ----- And *Once something is in dom0  files  it can't be moved
>> *out to any other VMs ,
> You can move files from dom0 to other VMs:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/copy-from-dom0/
>> so guess I need to  delete the  large  AppVM backup, that is
>> *indeed in dom0 /home   and re-back it up to an another internal
>> HD .... would seem to be preferable , that backing up to dom0 to
>> dom0 (since I guess I'll be backing up "everything" and if that's
>> too large then maybe I'll skip the Templates...

Well I rm 'd all but the 1 large successful photo AppVM. And instead of
re-backing it up to backupVM (AppVM) I attached another internal HD to
the backupVM and am trying to back to it( by 1st doing qvm-copy-to-vm
<backupVM> <file>  , however it's complaining  "qfile-dom0-agent: File
copy: no space left on device" 

I do note that whatever qubes_dom0-root ?file is above is stating 87%
used ..... (this qubest install is running on a 1GB HD there should be
plenty of run, I have a lot of AppVM perhaps each one walls off a
certain amount of the HD whether they are used or not ?  or perhaps I
need to allow   backupVM  AppVM  more "Basic-> Disk storage -> private
storage max size: which is currently set to 2048MB ? l0l change that to
512000 MB   maybe ?

>> But, again just curious,  are the Templates , Whonix, and AppVMs,
>> dom0 going to be *importable   into   Qubes 4.0  ?  in general , I
>> don't really use Deb-8  which it sounds like will be in Q4.0, and
>> Fedora's Templates will be F26  *not F25 ....... ?
> I haven't personally experimented with this much, so I'll leave it to
> someone who has done so to comment on whether it's possible.

Isn't part of the purpose for a 3.2  backup  being to enable to
eventually   "import" their  VMs  into  4.0  from 3.2  ???   Seems to me
this would be something basic  task that folks  are going to do? 
or maybe it's so trivial  for all  the  pro users out there , doesn't
need commenting ?  

or:  if 4.0  is going to come stock  with Fedora 26 ,  are  AppVMs 
based on Fedora 25  even  going to be  "import"-able   into  4.0 ?   
I'd really not have to re-tweak all my Firefox  instances again for
example  :)

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