On Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 6:02:57 PM UTC-8, dangm...@gmail.com wrote:
> Attempting to upgrade KeePassX to KeePassX 2.0, using backports, borked my 
> debian template by removing qubes-gui-agent and pulseaudio. 
> Was unable to find way to undo damage. 
> Opted to reinstall template, but I cannot download it without my connection 
> dropping, and thus timing me out. dnf does not resume the download, despite 
> it claiming to be saving the download to cache.
> I have put keepcache=true in dnf.conf, with no results.
> cannot wget from dom0. Should I wget from some other VM?

Qubes 3.2
qubes-dom0-update --action=reinstall qubes-template-debian-8

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