My WiFi usb adapter does not work in my NetVM "sys-wifi" while driver is 

- fresh Qubes 3.2 installation (+ recent updates)
- TemplateVM Fedora 25 (+ recent updates, + dkms installed, + newest wifi 
driver for my device (https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8188eu) installed
- NetVM: "sys-wifi" (template Fedora 25) created and passed WiFi usb adapter 
through usb qube (sys-usb) to

Terminal results of NetVM "sys-wifi":
"lsusb" shows my adapter.
"lsusb -t" shows: "Driver=r8188eu"
"NetworkManager -V" shows 1.4.6-1.fc25
NetworkManager (in the system tray) shows "Wi-Fi Networks disconnected"
WiFi USB device LED blinks every 5-10s

"iwlist wlan0 scan" shows correct results (cells and their Details) only, if I 
hit the command while the device is blinking. This seems to me very strange 
(maybe this has to do with something like usb power management?)

I have no clue what to do further and hope you can help me.

Thank you very much.

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