Hello everyone,

As in 
It looks like PCI Hotplug is disabled by default in Qubes. I just bought a new 
laptop with thunderbolt port, and I really need PCI hotplug since I attach and 
detach it from my dockstation multiple times per day. 
I am aware of the risks of having PCI hotplug enabled, but I do not take my PC 
out of my house very often, so it is in general quite difficult for someone to 
have physical access to it. Moreover, I also use thunderbird port blockers 
(that are just some plastic caps that you stick into your port and can't take 
out without a particular key). Obviously this solution is still not 100% secure 
but, all things considered, it is enough for my use case.
So, how do I enable PCI hotplug? Do I have to manually compile the kernel? I'm 
a total noob when it comes to this sort of things so if someone could at least 
redirect me to a guide to do this I'd really appreciate it!


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