I read some posts about firewalls etc but haven't been able to find/limit outgoing connections. I have tried to add domains which seems to have worked (minus a bug or two) but I can't seem to figure out all the domains I need to list.

example, I use a gmail account, I tried adding say gmail.com and google.com to the list of accepted connections but it still doesn't work. I assume there are other domains I need to add but I can't figure out how to see what they are. I tried tcpdump and installed iptraf in the vm but they strangely don't even show email, just amazon aws, akamaitechnolog, and ???.1e100.net but then I tried installing umatrix in chrome and it shows various other domains (quite a few actually).

Also, when I try to add domains the firewall window gives me an error port number or service is invalid, but I selected "any" for service and ports? And after adding whatever domains the first time and saving/clicking ok, when I try to go back in to further add/modify the firewall I get the error "firewall has been modified manually - please use qvm-firewall for any further configuration." I haven't had much luck using qvm-firewall beyond just the list option.

In the end, I want to have say a VM for email, where the firewall blocks everything but access to the email service, and do the same for my "banking VM" or "bitcoin wallet vm"

I'm at a bit of a loss so would be greatful for help.

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