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> So from the installation security guide I read the following:

> And for USB Drive:
> "Untrustworthy firmware. (Firmware can be malicious even if the drive is
> new. Plugging a drive with rewritable firmware into a compromised machine
> can also compromise the drive. Installing from a compromised drive could
> compromise even a brand new Qubes installation.)"
> Do usb optical drives not also have the same problem firmware wise?

The problem with USB is that its universal. An attacker can make his device 
look like its anything USB based. For intance a rarely used web-camera.
The problem with that is that each brand has its own driver in the Linux 
Kernel and most of those drivers are hardly checked for exploits.

As such, an innocent looking thing that connects on USB could root your 
kernel with unknown exploits in any usb driver shipped by the kernel.
Just using a different firmware.
This is why there is the suggestion to have a sys-usb qube to isolate those 
drivers, should you fear your hardware in future falling in the hands of bad 

> What about sata?

I hope someone else can answer this.
Tom Zander
Blog: https://zander.github.io
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