I have a problem which I would like to resolve (or at least recover from) 
rather than just working around by killing the vm and restarting it.

Sometimes all windows of a guest just disappear. So far what I had done in such 
case was running qvm-start-gui in dom0. This sometimes works but in this case 
it briefly flashes the windows on the screen and then they disappear again. In 
the past I had sometimes seen this in an out of memory situation where it seems 
xorg got killed, but in this case I can't find anything like that in the 
journalctl of the guest.

checking with 'ps -auxw | qubes' I see that qubes-gui is still running, as is 
Xorg and xinit. ~/.xsession-errors had nothing noteworthy and /var/log/Xorg* 
don't exist in guest.

Trying to launch another gui app from the start menu, nothing seems to happen.

it's a fedora-26 template.

I'm wondering if there is any other mechanism by which I could relaunch the 
gui, reconnect to the display to avoid losing work when this happens. 

Any help appreciated

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