On 01/04/2018 03:11 AM, Mark Malcom wrote:
> Well guys, just trying to see if anyone is facing the same issue here:
> I downloaded fedora-26 template and after that my gnome-tweak-tool is 
> completely ignored: no themes, no windows scaling anymore. Not just the Tweak 
> Tool, but if I try to change the scale factor with gnomesettings, that is 
> also ignored.
> This is true for new and existing appVMs and also, an upgrade from Fedora 25 
> to 26 with subsequent qubes trimming yields the same result.
> It is really annoying as I have a 4K display and now had to downgrade the 
> resolution and still getting very small windows.
> Maybe could anyone shed a light what can be done to get these settings back 
> again? I'm not sure if there is any other package that needs installed and 
> configured for the Tweak Tool to work, plus gnome scaling settings.
> Thanks everyone.

It could maybe be that the gnome settings daemon thing is not running.

I followed the suggestion of having xsd-xsettings autostart from this
comment and got scaling back to work:


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