Happy new year!  I experience since Q4.rc2 some problems connected to
power-off or suspends. They are of minor annoyance, but maybe they can
be improved ...
1) after 0-10 succesful suspends (on a HP zbook 14 laptop) the hdd will
no longer power off any more at a new lid-down suspend. After lid-reopen
& login, I can no longer start any qubes (neither startmenu nor
qvm-start in dom0) or execute any command in running qubes (neither
start-menu nor using qvm-run in dom0); if I happen to have a terminal
open in a running qube, commands will be executed as expected.
Additonally sys-whonix connection dies.
=> The isuue requires a reboot to solve.
2) Reboots hang systematically at "Reached target shutdown" and has to
be rebooted via a coldboot.


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