After you import both the master and signing keys, you can check them with
'gpg --check-sigs' which should have output like this:
pub   rsa4096 2017-03-06 [SC]
uid           [ unknown] Qubes OS Release 4 Signing Key
sig!3        1848792F9E2795E9 2017-03-06  Qubes OS Release 4 Signing Key
sig!         DDFA1A3E36879494 2017-03-08  Qubes Master Signing Key

(I have the Qubes 4 key but its otherwise the same.)

This lists the Qubes master key under the uid for the Qubes release key,
showing the release key has been signed by the master. The exclamation mark
after "sig" means the signature has been verified as good.

​Dear Chris,

Th​anks very much for your patient help with this!  I was able to verify
all keys and signatures and successfully installed Qubes 3.2 over the


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