On Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 1:59:45 PM UTC+1, Fabrizio Romano Genovese wrote:
> Ok, I dug a bit deeper into this. It doesn't look like a problem of how much 
> memory I give to VMs. Essentially, my QubesOS boots in two different ways:
> - When QubesOS is happy, it starts in ~1 min (yup, starting up all the VMs 
> still takes a while). The overall system is very reactive, for instance if I 
> type qvm-ls I obtain some output straight away. Moreover, if I start a VM the 
> notification "VM blabla is starting" is displayed immediately.
> - When QubesOS is not happy, it starts in ~3mins. The overall system is very 
> slow, qvm-ls takes 3-4 seconds to display output, and starting a VM takes up 
> to 20 seconds. Even the notification "VM blabla is starting" is displayed 4-5 
> seconds after the command is issued. Moreover the battery is drained much 
> much quicker (200% quicker give or take).
> What makes Qubes happy or not happy to start seems to be completely random. I 
> have a slight suspect that this may depend on booting the laptop while 
> plugged/unplugged, but I cannot confirm this.
> Essentially my Qubes experience atm can be exemplified as follows: "At boot, 
> throw a coin. If it's heads then it's fine, otherwise it's fubar". Any 
> suggestion (or report of similar behavior) would be greatly appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Fab

After you type in your drive encryption password, followup by typing F1 key on 
your keyboard. This way you can follow the booting process in details as it 
happens. If any booting processes are hanging, you'll be able to take note 
"which one", and thereby narrow down the possible culprit. 

You can also do a "sudo journalctl --boot" or akin to that, after booting. But 
remember to do so after a fresh bootup, unless you want a mountain of extra 
unneeded information.

Also, if the booting is slow before you type in your drive encryption, then you 
know it's related to settings or features EFI/UEFI or Legacy-Boot/BIOS. It 
could also possibly be because you got a thumb-drive or external-harddrive 
sitting in your USB; which on some systems can make the booting process 
significantly slower as the system tries to identify bootable systems on the 
extra external-drives/thumb-drives.

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