No, my PC is a Dell XPS13, not a Latitude. But I have some news:

The booting problem is 100% dependent on being plugged or not. Precisely, I 
observed the following behaviors:

Booting plugged: Everything is normal, PC is fast. If I unplug it afterwards 
nothing really happens and performance stays the same.

Booting unplugged: FUBAR. Slow, unresponsive, battery draining over 9000. 
Plugging AC adapter in afterwards doesn't help at all.

Dunno if my intuition is the right one, but it may be that the booting process, 
when unplugged, triggers some sort of fucked up setting regarding power 
management that causes havoc. Note that, in my case, the only important factor 
to consider is if the AC adapter is plugged/unplugged AT BOOT. 
Connecting/disconnecting it afterwards has no effect whatsoever on performance.

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