Hello all,

I'd like to use a wacom bamboo graphic tablet as an alternative pointing 
device, mainly to draw on virtual whiteboards to do maths in conference calls. 
At the moment, this is not possible: Connecting the graphic tablet and passing 
it to the relevant VM produces no effect whatsoever. The tablet is listed among 
the usb devices but, if for instance one is using the standard fedora template, 
nothing is shown clicking on the "wacom tablet" application that can be found 
in /urs/share/applications, nor is it possible to use it to draw stuff.

This looks like an old issue:

I'd be interested in using only the basic tablet features (essentially moving 
the mouse and clicking around using the tablet would be enough). In the issue 
linked above it is said that 

"this in theory should be easy (a matter adding proper metadata - min/max - to 
the protocol handshake, and filtering events based on this info)"

I'd like to help with this, but I am no coder. I just know a bit of bash 
scripting and trying to check the code in 


didn't really help. I understand that developers are quite busy with much more 
hardcore problems to solve, but if someone could at least point me to the right 
research direction I could try to investigate this by myself.


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