Great news.  Thank you.

I would prefer a fully functional Qubes Manager since a widget that requires 
mouse click or hover is a pain in the butt to keep as a running dashboard.  
That is what I like about the 3.2 version... that I can keep it in one of my 
extra monitors.  Seeing CPU spikes without having to drill down for it is 

Thanks again.

On Friday, 12 January 2018 21:58:03 UTC-5, Andrew David Wong  wrote:
> Hash: SHA512
> The Qubes VM Manager will be returning in Qubes 4.0-rc4, which is
> scheduled for release next week. The returning Qubes Manager will be
> slightly different from the 3.2 version. Specifically, it will not
> duplicate functionality that is already provided by the new 4.0
> widgets. Specific examples include attaching and detaching block
> devices, attaching and detaching the microphone, and VM CPU usage.
> - -- 
> Andrew David Wong (Axon)
> Community Manager, Qubes OS
> MDB4GBAAqKQKgbUHWuTpzfW8o2HOjvM/fSxt9gSlDi+tS3x/dogNC0riO6VgFIJr
> zNUm2/7nYF4iAiES0HamgVfNBHFpKY1QZgRYyokrLMK78HmCyIKJ3A0cF2LOvlsS
> x88xpwBL0zwUX0y/eqsaxGGIqr9D1c25psYdi/IeE3KhR35gz/2j8HiB1/mEl0Z4
> JvepszI6HD7vJ41ullWsygHemTT2JAeFSCG0zWrfdxvkwYFQgXEn+AeEhgOL6BhM
> RXFuMWnl2w0cbnPgDpnmT0IVHlz8gRsljkyWLkqT4k/pldhy9OCjtMKuHGIaaen6
> KLF2rGkpVObfgQQrQOdll03KrFqPona5ywtdeQUMDGVoNJXuhFidyCLWEKPBlAhS
> LDCb/UxRbbPhwol4eEYeOnxWbCMgEwnEtnkEZiT4m9y3lQQLK+8zSZpW5uMLDzs0
> om9Xd9iba7hZomXE1rEcg2UaYok0lSQmzGS2YKh3OQbEmXtrZdILXVo0NLtDcTun
> q47PzYjKc82ZeUZSLBjfkgf0mhocPuwk3FLsMb3rwW0kEbzuRZjHKgxgnRbOK67b
> qH0roZ8GHrX7Xu4AvjYxUvlkTU+h2ObPMvxf2IR1/S37UUyrwNFEaC6czA/VmVV6
> 5SzFVGJkH/SFZsQ9qvzgjz/8OnLOMvBi3X/ee21G8s4ACmcrmrM=
> =fcWR

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