Andrew David Wong wrote:

> Specifically, it will not duplicate functionality
> that is already provided by the new 4.0
> widgets. Specific examples include attaching
> and detaching block devices, attaching and
> detaching the microphone, and VM CPU
> usage.

Great news that the Qubes Manager will come back. Linux has always be about 
free choice and as Qubes Manager will be an additional way to interact with 
Qubes the users who don't want, don't have to use it.

I am also voting for a Qubes Manager which has nearly full functionally, as I 
don't like to use different places to do stuff.
Maybe this can also be configured, so that you have "lean mode" and an "full 
mode" or something similar. As mentioned: choice is good.

The current user interface results in much more "mouse meters" compared to 
Qubes 3.2

Thanks to the Qubes Team that they're listening to the user base.


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