On Friday, January 12, 2018 at 5:24:25 AM UTC-5, haaber wrote:
> >>
> >> so people saying the intel meltdown bios patch slows performance.  I got 
> >> an increase in performance lmao.  probably depends on os though.
> > 
> > but also in my particular case they also addressed other bugs,   but intel 
> > pushed the bios patch for meltdown,  so worth a check from your boards 
> > manufacturer site.
> > 
> When I download the (in my case with HP a win exe) BIOS update file, it
> contains the "real" bios update (the .BIN file) and some other crap. The
> only way to avoid tampered downloads seems to download it several times,
> via tor and some other independent sources & to compare them. I guess
> you all do that?
> HP does not seem to deliver pgp signatures afaik. But they do ship some
> signature files. Is someone aware of how checking these manually? Bernhard

comparing with tor is all I do too.  

You can also update the HP bios from a usb without using windows if you prefer. 

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