On Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 10:50:11 AM UTC-8, Vít Šesták wrote:
> I have one more idea: The Vixen patch could be useful for VMs with PCI 
> devices. Memory balooning is not supported there anyway. QEMU in dom0 looks 
> ugly, but this case is a bit different: AFAIU, the attacker can directly talk 
> to QEMU if and only if she has escaped from PV. Maybe it is not nice, but it 
> is not that bad either.
> With Qubes 3.2, I believe this can be a clean win. Compared to the proposal 
> (focusing on VMs with PCI devices only):
> * It fixes the Meltdown. The proposal does not address it for those VMs.
> * Attacker can try to break out from both PV and then from HVM or (more 
> likely) from PV and then pwn QEMU. This is arguably harder than breaking 
> directly from PV.
> With Qubes 4.0 (still focusing on VMs with PCI devices only), it is still 
> probably an improvement:
> * If attacker can pwn QEMU (but not PV), she can with the current proposal 
> read the whole memory using Meltdown. With Vixen, QEMU vulnerability is 
> probably not enough for Meltdown.
> * If attacker can escape from PV (but not QEMU), she can do pretty nothing. 
> Well, with Vixen, she can read the content of the container, but I don't 
> think this is a serious issue.
> * If attacker can both escape from PV and attack QEMU, you are doomed in 
> either case.
> * Theoretically: If attacker can escape from HVM, you are better protected 
> with Vixen (because attacker needs to escape from PV first).
> * If there are some vulnerabilities that do not allow full VM escape, you are 
> probably still better protected with Vixen. Qemu in dom0 runs as an ordinary 
> process (so attacks like buffer overread have quite limited impact) and it is 
> the same case for PV.
> Have I missed something?
> I don't say that Qubes should go this way. Maybe there are better ways to 
> achieve some goals (especially for 4.0+). I am just saying that QEMU in dom0 
> – however horrible it looks – might be acceptable in this special case.
> Regards,
> Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

Would using a 32-bit PV provide any additional protection for Xen?

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