Qubes 3.2 with all templates updated, using fedora-26-minimal, debian-9 and 
whonix upgraded to Debian 9 too.
Coreboot 4.6 with seaBIOS and option ROM for the integrated HD 8650G 
graphics(1002:990b). Didn't add the option ROM for the discrete R5 M230 
graphics(1002:6665) as it didn't work at all, so no discrete graphic support 

Mostly works fine, but has some issues :
- Can't use any HVM(crashes the computer every time).
- Net VMs based on Fedora can't use my AR9287, but it's not the original card 
from the laptop.
- USB 3.0 ports only working as 2.0.
- "xen-pciback.hide=(Discrete:Graphics.PCIAddress)" has to be added to the grub 
command on boot or the laptop will just crash on startup every time when Qubes 
tries to initialize the card.
- Need to fix the boot as explained by qmastery 

Thanks to the other G505s owners for their help, mainly to Awokd who gave a lot 
of his time to find out what to do with my uncooperative machine.

Emil Novik

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