I've tried to install Q4.0 RC3 two times on my system with the
bootloader on a separate USB. However, two times after shutdown, the
system refuses to start (I get past the FDE-prompt, then it hangs). I've
reinstalled two times now, but its not encouraging.

Am I doing anything wrong in my setup? During install, the "only" thing
I do "ekstra" apart from following defaults, is to select the ekstra
USB-device as bootloader. I haven't done anything fancy with manual
partitioning so far, just point-and-click during install. It seems like
this setup installs part of the actual system into the USB and then
continues onto the SSD / main drive of the machine when it runs out of

Is this an bug connected to 4.0 or is it a general problem?

Any suggestions? Anybody got it running effortless who has anything to


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