On Thu, January 18, 2018 6:00 pm, Nik H wrote:

> Reasoning: The entire point of HW virtualization is to have very fast and
> seamless context switching so that if I have 10 different VMs running,
> the processor does not lose performance from that. So you keep caches,
> and you keep speculatively executing what you believe to be the correct
> branch of an if statement. HW virtualization vs. software seems to have
> been implemented mainly to improve performance, and not to improve
> security/isolation.
> I found various snippets of information hinting at this as well, but
> again, I'd be happy to be wrong! But, if I am right, then qubes isolation
> is compromised.

This is the feeling I got too wrt Spectre, but it's hard to find facts on
it. Maybe if we could look at what the virtualization opcodes are doing at
a microcode level...

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