After migrating my templates to Fedora 26, I have also created a new disposable 
VM, based on a Fedora 26 template.

I have set the new DVM to start, from all other AppVMs, as such the DVM should 
not be referenced to in any other app vm.
I tried to remove the default DVM, but it didn't work.
What do I need to do, to get rid of the old (Fedora 25 based) DVM which comes 
with the default Qubes 4rc3 isntallation ?


my procedure to create a new Fedora 26 DVM:

---8# Create a new Disposable App-VM "my-dvm" which is based on a custom 
template t-fedora-26
qvm-create --template t-fedora-26 --label red --property 
template_for_dispvms=True --class=AppVM my-dvm

# TEST: Start an application in this dvm
qvm-run --dispvm=my-dvm xterm

# Fix menu entry from Domain: my-dvm to Disposable: my-dvm
# https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/qubes-users/gfBfqTNzUIg/sbPp-pyiCAAJ
# https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/1339#issuecomment-338813581
qvm-features vmname appmenus-dispvm 1
qvm-sync-appmenus --regenerate-only my-dvm

# Change the Disp-VM from an AppVM (here: my-untrusted)
qvm-prefs --set my-untrusted default_dispvm my-dvm

# Try to start something from this AppVM in a disposable VM
qvm-run --auto my-untrusted 'qvm-open-in-dvm https:/google.de'
# This should start a new dispvm which is based on your dvm-App


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