On Fri, January 19, 2018 11:32 am, Krišjānis Gross wrote:
> On Thursday, 18 January 2018 20:56:10 UTC, donoban  wrote:

>> (EE) VESA(0): V_BIOS address 0xaa7a0 out of range

>>> A side question- how can I copy the logs in /tmp to a flash drive or
>>> something in order to post those here?

Can you get sys-usb started? If so, use qvm-copy-to-vm in dom0 to copy the
logs to a VM, then to the flash drive. Otherwise, you could boot with a
live image of some type, mount the hard drive and copy out the logs.

> Thank You for the suggestion! Will check that out.
> I tried to install Debian 9 on this hardware and all went fine. Only thing
> that I noticed when installation was finished was that there was a
> notification that system is running a " software emulated graphics" and
> therefore CPU usage might be considerably higher. Not sure whether that
> is relevant though.

Both seem unhappy with your video card. What's in that laptop? Please post
Debian's boot log (redact hardware serial numbers & MAC addresses), and
Qubes' xl dmesg log if you can get it.

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