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On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 06:53:55AM -0800, aaq via qubes-users wrote:
> Den fredag den 19. januar 2018 kl. 15.48.08 UTC+1 skrev a...@it-minds.dk:
> > Which setting exactly disables dynamic memory allocation, because I can't 
> > seem to figure it out. If I set maxmem to 0, will it disable it?
> > 
> > The GUI is broken. It comes up with an error if I try to start it, no 
> > matter how I try to start it. It complains about a bug, but that isn't 
> > really important right now.

It's a bit obscure, see qvm-service. "meminfo-writer" service is
responsible for memory balancing. But it should be already in "off"
state for sys-net.

> I set the maxmem to 1 (cannot set it to 0) and initial mem to 800.

This is maximum memory size in MB. Setting it to 1 doesn't sounds like a
good idea, but... for VMs with PCI devices it is ignored and "memory"
property is used instead (because of Xen limitation, namely
populate-on-demand being incompatible with PCI-passthrough).

400MB should be enough for sys-net, in some cases even lower number
should suffice.

> sys-net starts now.
> I am updating my system now, hopefully this will disappear on its own.

There were a bunch of fixes yesterday (late) evening, including one for
qmemman, and GUI stuff. Make sure you have:

    qubes-core-dom0 4.0.18
    qubes-core-admin-client 4.0.13
    qubes-manager 4.0.11
    qubes-dbus 1.0.4

Specifically qmemman was broken in qubes-core-dom0 in 4.0.16 and 4.0.17.

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Invisible Things Lab
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