[799] wrote:
>> Is there anything I can do, so that Alt+Tab is
>> not (!) working in dom0 but in the AppVM
>> window / in the virtual desktop connection?

mossy-nw answered:
> I'm not sure you want to do this, e.g. if your
> virtual desktop ever ends up in full-screen
> mode, there are security reasons why you
> want alt-tab as a sanity check to be sure
> you're in direct communication with dom0.
> Could you assign a different shortcut
> (SHIFT-CTRL tab?) within the VM?

I haven't thought about the Alt+Tab behaviour as a (security) feature - thank 
you for the interesting view.
I have chosen to come up with a workarround as solution to switch my Apps in my 
virtual desktop window:

1) Download Autohotkey in the virtual desktop

2) Create a my-autohotkey.ahk configuration file with the following entries:

LAlt & w::AltTab
LAlt & q::ShiftAltTab

3) run Autohotkey with the above configuration

I am now able to switch windows back & forward using Alt + Q and Alt + W, which 
is good enough.


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