I have been reading through the forum about the various recommendations for hardware. The general consensus seems to be "more mem and ssd drive". I am running 3.2, have 16gb mem, and a Samsung ssd drive and it still takes 10 sec (timed it) to put up a terminal in a new vm. While I can tolerate that I'm really wanting to explore options that can give me a faster start up for apps (and appvms). Its been awhile since I bought my CPU so I can't remember what it is beyond a i5, if the /proc/cpuinfo is right (its a bit confusing for me as I don't understand if its showing the nfo for the proc or a virtual proc?) then I have a Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz and it displays for processor 0 and processor 1 so I will go out on a limb and assume its a dual core?

Considering my current setup, and the fact that I wholly plan on upgrading to qubes v4 once its stable, and that I am willing to fork out for a new system (though with a pretty limited budget ~500) could anyone make suggestions on the most logical route to take? (hopefully not "grin and bear it").

PS I have 30 VMs BUT don't usually run more than 10 at a time (due to mem i guess) but would probably run about 15 regularly if I could.

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