On 01/06/2018 06:27 AM, 'Tom Zander' via qubes-users wrote:
On Saturday, 6 January 2018 00:11:43 GMT Franz wrote:
I would add some way to make some order in the
applVM list, so that a standard view may show only the most commonly used
VMs, while rarely used VMs are hidden and shown only clicking a button. To
do that, there should be a flag to differentiate the visibility of VMs.
I made a start with this based on my own usage; See the attached
Going from screenshot1 (showing all my qubes) to 5 by removing ones based
* being templates for disposable VMs. (you likely never want to start them
after initial configuration).
* being a "network" VM.
* Being a template.
* Being halted.

Naturally you can combine those settings in any way you want to show the
subsection of qubes you use.
I expect that I''l end up using the settings as "snapshot4" shows it most of
the time.
This may be helpful also in a corporate environment when an administrator
can decide which VMs should be shown and which should be hidden.
This is a great idea, I recall that root added tags in 4.0. I have not tried
them yet, but it sounds like a good fit.

Thanks for the ideas!

Hey, thanks again for your work, much appreciated.

Another thought just occurred to me, a collapsible tree like option. I have like "work" VMs (one for libre office stuff, another for email, another for vid confer) and for general communications (one for IRC, another for Signal, another for personal email) and anon stuff (crypto wallets, email via tor, browser, etc), the list I have is really quite long and I find myself sorting/re-sorting naming etc. I use tree-style addon in firefox which has the fantastic option to let you stack tabs among other things, considering that and how I have my file manager setup to show a tree of the folders I have it would really be quite handy to organize VMs into a collapsible tree.
Just a thought :)

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