On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 10:24:24AM -0800, beso wrote:
> I have same problem.
So do many people - if you search the list you will find many reports and

You are probably missing the desktop files from /usr/share/applications
You can copy the files from out of a Fedora based qube if you have one.

If you still have the install medium then you can extract the desktop
files for applications that you want, by pulling them from the rpm

For example, to get the xterm .desktop file:

mount qubes.iso /mnt
rpm2cpio /mnt/Packages/x/xterm-318-2.fc23.86_64.rpm |cpio -idv "*.desktop" 
This will extract xterm.desktop in usr in the current directory, and you
can then move it in to /usr/share/applications

Alternatively, just reinstalling the packages you want will provide the
menu entries again.

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