Hi All,

I recently upgraded my Qubes machine to run fedora-25 from fedora-24 as the
main template vm.  I switched all my application vms to use fedora-25 from
fedora-24 in the VM manager.

All was fine at this point. Then I decided to delete fedora-23 to reclaim
some disk space. I followed the manual vm deletion instructions. Then
things stopped working. Sys-net uses fedora-23 and the application vms give
the error:

Error starting VM work: VM root image doesn't exist

So I realize this is a user screw up by me. So if you can get over that I
have some questions.

Is there a way to reinstall fedora-23 and get sys-net and my app vms to
work again?

If not and I need to reinstall that's fine. I just need a few files from
some app vms.

I found this method to copy from vms to dom0 so I could backup files


Where are the app vm files stored? Are the files available from dom0 with
the VM not running?

Thanks in Advance,

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