If you buy crappy USB devices that have internal firmware re-write capability for no reason then yes, or if you let random people plug devices in to your "trusted" usb controller (most boards have two)

I would suggest only buying USB devices where the firmware can only be re-written externally not internally from the computer. Unicomp's high quality mechanical keyboards (they are also made in america not china so they are trustworthy) come with write-locked ROM firmware as there is no reason to have re-writable firmware on a keyboard.

I am not sure what to buy for a mouse however but unicomp makes a keyboard with a trackball and another with a pointing stick similar to a laptop keyboard.

If you purchase a motherboard with libre firmware (not purism) such as the KCMA-D8 or the (blobs for video and power unfortunately, so open source but not libre) lenovo g505s laptop you can easily verify that the firmware has not been fucked around with via a usb attack such as the intel skylake debug controller exploit.

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