On Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 10:55:15 AM UTC+1, beso wrote:
> Something is eating free space in my system. It step by step decreasing. I 
> haven't found any good solution for that.

Are you on Qubes 4 or Qubes 3.2.? 

Perhaps discard or trimming is not working? I.e. every time have more space was 
required, and following delete "of any files" (doesnt matter which), then the 
virtual volume won't shrink again. I've recently had this issue too, assuming 
it's the same issue you have.

Also you can verify if the above is the case or not, by checking your VM size 
outside the VM, and then confirm the actual space used for your files inside 
the VM, and see if they somewhat match. For example, run in dom0 terminal 
"qvm-ls --format disk" and look at the PRIV-CURR column. The numbers are shown 
in megabytes, i.e. 1000MB is the same as 1GB.

Then open up your VM, find the /rw folder, and right click on it to get the 
size of the folder.

You're not looking for exact matching values here, but if the values are vastly 
apart, then the above issue is probably what you're having. I never 
investigated the exat cause of this issue, but I suspect it was discard not 
working properly in the VM's, albeit discard in dom0 started working properly 
after I enabled it.
Among the VM's that did not work, and took alot of disk space, I had to dispose 
of. I just simply transferred all my files to a new AppVM and deleted the old 
one after verifying if everything was working. I regained some 30GB alone on my 
128GB disk, just by doing this. Perhaps you're having a similar issue.

Sometimes restating all of Qubes may help too, it may sometimes be a quick 
temporary fix. Neither is replacing VM's with new ones. The real fix to this 
issue is to get discard to work properly, not only in dom0, but also inside 
each VM template.

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