has anyone gotten a linux desktop with more than 800x600 in hvm in qubes-4?

ive tried the linux-HVM-tips. with ubuntu, X -configure usually crashes weather 
or not its run from console. even then, modding the file and putting it in 
/etc/X11 seems to have no effect. the installer for ubuntu 17.10.1 runs in 
1280x720, but goes back to 800x600 after installation.

Fedora27s installer wont boot.

before i got trying a million distros, has anyone else gotten this to work?

my goal is to run virt-manager for windows displays on a remote vagrant-libvirt 
box. vmm wont run in an appvm due to conflicting xen libraries with a fedora-26 
or debian-9 template, though this did work with debian-9 and qubes-3.2

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