On Thu, January 25, 2018 2:17 am, yreb...@riseup.net wrote:
> On 2018-01-24 15:12, Andrew David Wong wrote:

>> These packages will migrate from the security-testing repository to the
>>  current (stable) repository over the next two weeks after being tested
>>  by the community.
> 1)
> The latter (security) packages will migrate, I'd assume this means ?

Yes, this is the standard model for deploying all updates including
security. They appear in testing first for bleeding edge users, then
stable for everyone. Sometimes bugs are found in the testing phase causing
the package to be pulled, so unless you are comfortable rolling back
packages yourself you should leave it on stable.

> 2)
> Where would I find the repositories in dom0 for the track I'm currently
> using?

If you haven't changed it manually, you are on stable.

> 3)
> after doing the 1x securitytesting repo update, how do I check which Xen
> package is now installed?

In dom0, "dnf list installed".

> and/or  how do I bring up the  GUI
> update manager  when it doesn't actually need to update it doesn't persist

No GUI, but in dom0 you can force it to check for updates with "sudo
qubes-dom0-update". Might not be following your question here.

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