On pausing: Remember that there are some issues. For example, the VMs resume 
after sleep&resume. Also, it seems it does not work well with changes of 
monitor configuration.

On hibernation: This can work with standalone VMs, but it is problematic by 
design on template-based (although probably possible) VMs. once you hibernate a 
VM, you need to remember all the state, including the root filesystem. Unlike 
traditional systems, the root device can be updated outside the VM, just by 
running the TemplateVM. In such case, Qubes has to ensure that the VM won't see 
the changes before reboot. Qubes has some ways to achieve this for running VMs 
(you see, you don't need to shut the template-based VMs down when updating the 
template), but it probably degrades some performance. Having to maintain it for 
some forgotten hibernated VMs would be some unexpected source of performance 
hit. So, it would be probably technically feasible (though maybe not easy), but 
hard for UX.

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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