On Thu, January 25, 2018 7:19 pm, Krišjānis Gross wrote:

> here it is (attached). Hope that helps!

>From the journal:
Jan 25 20:53:15 localhost.localdomain kernel: [drm] The driver support for
your hardware in this kernel version is alpha quality
or i915.alpha_support module
                                              to enable support in this
kernel version, or check for
kernel updates.

This is enabled by default on Qubes 4.0, but I'm not sure if that's the
case for 3.2. That could be why video was so slow on 3.2. (On a side note,
why is this Linux driver still alpha after it's been around for years?)
Everything else looks fine. I see DMAR gets set up so hardware
virtualization should work. Didn't notice any obvious problems in the Xorg

Look for the "i915.preliminary_hw_support=1" entries in
https://pastebin.com/u8z6nWV5 for an example of where you should add them
to 3.2 if they aren't there. I agree with the other suggestion made
earlier, wait for rc4 then try 4.0 again too.

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