On Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 8:21:37 PM UTC+1, dark...@gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks for the lenghty response! Indeed the errors were python-code related, 
> but it turns out the problem was in the sys-net domain not starting correctly 
> because of the card reader, which was seemingly seen as a network adapter. 
> Now that I fixed that everything seems to work properly and I'm loving it.
> One last thing: I set qubes to update packages over tor. I immediately 
> regretted 
> the decision. Is there a way to download update w/o Tor?
> Regards

Glad you love it already, you will likeliy only grow even happier with Qubes 
over time :-) It's an amazing project indeed! and there is still a lot of new 
things going on, expanding the idea of what Qubes is about further. Like the 
recent news here https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2018/01/22/qubes-air/ as far as 
I understood it it's not changing Qubes or the ideas and principles behind 
Qubes, but it is however expanding what you can opt-in and with choices you 
have with Qubes. 

Ad for changing updates over Tor, yes, and it's super easy too :-)
Go to Qubes menu ---> System Tools ---> Global Qubes Settings. In there, change 
the UpdateVM away from sys-whonix, and put it to sys-firewall. There are many 
in the list, but on any default install, you can only use sys-whonix or 
sys-firewall, the former for Tor, and the latter for regular network. 

If you expand your default setup to include an VPN connection, multiple of VPN 
connections, or multiple of Tor connections, combine, or have multiple of 
firewalls, then here too is where you'll change where Qubes gets its updates 
from :-)

Note in Qubes 4, Qubes will handle the default pre-installed template updates, 
so that templates has no internet themselves (unlike Qubes 3.2. where every 
template has internet on their own). You still update the same way, but Qubes 
will handle the distribution of template packages. As far as I know, this too 
will follow this setting, although I'm only almost sure, not entire, I did not 
yet check if my assumption here is true or not.

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