On Friday, January 26, 2018 at 8:45:43 PM UTC+1, bill...@gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks so much for your reply and your help.  I installed using legacy boot 
> and it worked fine -- in fact, I'm responding from "untrusted firefox" right 
> now!  I don't know if qubes comes up in the grub menu yet.  I just got this 
> installed, and ran it from the BIOS boot sequence Legacy-USB option,  and I'm 
> off for some errands myself.
> However, in lieu of killing myself with UEFI, since this works, I'll stick 
> with it and am a happy camper.  Maybe in the next week I'll play around more 
> with UEFI, but I'm going to have to learn a bit more about it, I think.
> Anyway, you made my weekend!  Thanks again for your reply.

I'm glad you got it working! :)

Try run 'qubes-hcl-report' in dom0, and check if HVM, I/O MMU, HAP/SLAT, TPM, 
and Remapping, is working properly in your Qubes setup. The top one, HVM, as 
far as I know is the most important one. The lowest, remapping, should with my 
limited knowledge as far as I can tell, be the least important of the 5. All of 
them are relevant for security, and to some extent, proper working features.

If I'm not mistaken, I haven't ventured into these waters before, and someone 
might correct me here. But I believe if a Qubes (or Linux in general) uses the 
same partition table as UEFI/EFI (GPT), over the old out-dated MBR), then it 
might be possible to switch between UEFI/EFI and Legacy/BIOS without 
re-installing a system if retaining the modern GTR partition table. But it can 
be tricky if something goes wrong, especially if you have precious data you 
don't want to loose. Also UEFI/EFI is heavily reliant on not having a buggy 
motherboard firmware, which many unfortunately have. I also recall having 
issues not being able to restore an EFI path for Qubes 4, which used to always 
work on the same machine on Qubes 3.2. I'm not sure if this got fixed, it was 
some months back and Qubes 4 has rapidly been updated on many ways since then. 
But this issue is likely to be Qubes related, or at least partly Qubes related. 
So it's not always the hardware that is causing it, although the hardware in 
this case might be part-reason still.

Remember to take frequent AppVM backups. If you're learning with the trial and 
error method like I do, many things can end up going wrong. For example, burned 
my fingers more than a few times my self there before I got into proper backup 
habits. Never take that risk, it will eventually go wrong :')

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