On Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 3:30:11 AM UTC+1, Kyle Breneman wrote:
> >Note that those directions are about upgrading *templates*, not dom0.
> >Dom0 should generally stay at the fedora release it started at,
> >otherwise you are asking for compatibility trouble.
> Thanks for that clarification, Jean-Philippe.  I successfully upgraded to the 
> Fedora 26 template, but now I want to get rid of my Fedora 23 template.  How 
> do I do that?  (Or shouldn't I do that?)
> Kyle

Once nothing is bound to fedora-23, then you can remove it with "sudo dnf 
remove qubes-template-fedora-23" in your dom0 terminal. (Don't run it yet). Be 
sure fedora-26 works as intended before you remove the old template, i.e. test 
if internet works in sys-net and sys-firewall with the fedora-26 template. 

Run "qubes-global-settings" in dom0, switch any possible fedora-23 to 
fedora-24. Test if the changes work, in particular the dom0 update (just to be 
on the safe side). 

Then run "qvm-ls" in dom0, and detect any possible AppVM running fedora-23. 
Change it with either the GUI VM-settings for each respective AppVM, or use the 
qvm-prefs to do it. Both net same results, whichever you prefer GUI/Terminal.

A bit redundant, but you may also check if the fedora-26 can start on other 
critical VM's, if copy/transfer from/to fedora-26 VM's work, whether their 
internet works, and so on.

Once everything is untied and conirmed working, then you should be able to use 
the "dnf remove" command above mentioned initially.

Any primary templates pre-installed, or primary ones you got from the qubes 
repositories, should only be removed with "sudo dnf remove qubes-template-
'template-name'". Do never, EVER, use "qvm-remove" for these primary templates. 
If I'm not mistaken, this is still possible user-mistake to pull and the system 
won't prevent you from doing this mistake. Any templates you cannot with normal 
means re-name, has RPM update enabled, etc. are typically the ones that are 
primary and require the "sudo dnf remove".

Any template copies of the primary Qubes templates you can remove the same way 
you remove AppVM's, with "qvm-remove VM-name". Just be sure you don't use it on 
the primary ones like fedora-23, fedora-26, debian-8, debian-9, whonix-gw, and 
so on. While fedora-26-copy instead must be removed with "qvm-remove", never 
use qvm-remove on the primary ones.

Also be sure to keep a watch out for when fedora-26 has end-of-life (EoL). 
Check here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/End_of_life for the known ones. 
Fedora-26 is still unknown, but if you check here 

Quote: "Fedora generally develops new releases over a six month period to 
provide a regular and predictable release schedule. The bi-annual targeted 
release dates are May Day (May 1st) and Halloween (October 31) making them easy 
to remember and for avoiding significant holiday breaks. Changes to this 
standard must be approved by the community-elected Fedora Engineering Steering 
Committee (FESCo)." https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Release_Life_Cycle

Basically, new release every 6 months, but it takes extra time to fully update 
the release to stable, including older versions having further support for a 
while afterwards. They are generally kept updated in rougly 400 days after 
first release. So be sure to check when to upgrade to fedora-27. Qubes will 
still release qubes-based-updates after fedora EoL, so you might get the 
illustion its still maintained, when it's not. Keep an aye out for these dates.

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