So, I received Xen packages, version 4.6.6-36, via dom0 

I changed 1) the (xscreensaver) password and 2) LUKS passphrase.

Now the questions: 

Can I start with 3) disk reencrypting (reinstalling Qubes 3.2., restoring from
backup) and 4) generating new secrets (PGP, passwords …) now – or do I have to 
wait until Xen
4.6.6-36 has landed in the stable repository?

Or do I start 1)–4) of Qubes' »Suggested actions after patching« anew after Xen
4.6.6-36 has landed in stable repository?

And how do I know when 4.6.6-36 has landed there? (I'm always updating Qubes 
via dom0 with
--enablerepo=qubes-dom0-security-testing enabled and never faced problems with 

Please excuse my confusion.

Thanks, r.

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