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> On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 09:38:17AM -0800, Yethal wrote:
> > I have a spare machine I can donate. If any of the Qubes devs are 
> > Warsaw-based I can even bring it over.
> Thanks!
> We'd prefer a machine hosted somewhere, but just hardware also could be
> useful - we can look for place to host it separately. What are physical
> dimensions of it? Rack case, or tower, or else?
> What CPU and RAM size it have?
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> uLTbpuT22/7WFvpjB50kBPPC4eCvy/eEjghviKSqLClpIbLSc/Ztq1xVBvceXTGd
> uElCwGEAX1Y3Kemmsz01Qz6Vld2eGGXLzPH795EBVHtGrePPKIRTkq279mUXY3qe
> kTsqKijqo22OM9pGOaZ/HHJifuSfIw==
> =x9o+

Regular tower pc. Specs are nothing special, dual core core 2 duo and 4gb of 
ram but I did manage to run Qubes 3.2 on it so at least some tests should be 
possible on it.

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