Ilpo Järvinen:
> > Great find Ilpo! Did you have to do some iptables-trickery for this 
> > testing? I have ping working between proxy and appvm, but iperf and nc 
> > both tell me no route to host?
> Yes, I did (it replies with ICMP by default). You'll need to fill in the 
> vif IP-address to this command:
> sudo iptables -I INPUT 1 -i vif+ -p tcp -d ***proxyvmIPhere*** -j ACCEPT

WOW! I can easily push 19Gbit/s from appvm to proxyvm (after turning on SG on 
appvm), but from proxyvm to netvm I can only push 3-4Gbit/s. There HAS to be 
room for some improvement here?

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