Yes it is, I despise the OEM's forcing UEFI on us.

Although both are insecure vs a libre BIOS such as select coreboot boards (ex: KCMA-D8/KGPE-D16) and the OpenPOWER TALOS 2 (only $2.5K now for board/cpu - which is less than x86_64 server hardware with equiv performance)

I highly suggest getting one ASAP, especially as the D8 and D16 are the last best owner controlled x86_64 boards and they will stop being available soon (the libre firmware has more features than the closed source firmware, there is also OpenBMC which is so much better than the exploit filled OEM BMC firmware) and are capable of playing modern games in a VM via IOMMU-GFX.

Building and flashing firmware is very easy on these boards.

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