On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 4:19:27 PM UTC+1, bill...@gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks for you help --- again.  Your widget discussion is what did it.  In 
> KDE, I didn't see the widget for adding disks to VMs, but it's there in the 
> XCFe desktop.  So instead of using the widget in KDE,  I did everything by 
> hand from the command line.  Since the SATA disk partitions (sda1-sda8) were 
> in /dev in dom0, I could manually mount them (even though I get I'm not 
> supposed to -- I'm playing with it, after all). However, those devices simply 
> were not visible in the other VMs.
> But... when I logged in using the default desktop, there is was.  And all of 
> the SATA drives are available, and it works fine.
> So, I gotta figure out a) how to find and get the widget showing in KDE, 
> and/or what the qvm-whatever command is for doing this, because it's clearly 
> there and it clearly works, and there's no bug.
> Thanks for the pointer!
> billo

Glad you got closer :) apologies for late reply too.
I'm not sure about KDE, unfortunately I've only been using XFCE my self. 

Perhaps the --persistent flag can provide a solution here? I've only recently 
started using this my self, so I haven't discovered any quirks with the 
persistent flags yet, but so far it seems nice.

What I'm pondering about is whether it will work problem-free by having 
persistent on multiple AppVM's, and when closing one, and starting the other, 
automatically switches the device to this new AppVM. The limit being the 
inability to having both AppVM's open simultaneously. 

If the hardware does require the PCI reset to swtich between VM's though, then 
there is a need for an extra flag. I believe I remember seeing a recent 
released guide for it somewhere in the official Qubes community, I haven't had 
a chance to go look for it again though. But it's something along the lines of 
--persistent, just with the something along the lines of allow-if-no-reset, or 
so abouts.

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