On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 2:06:34 AM UTC+1, John wrote:
> I'm delighted the Qube Manager is back (typo? should it be Qubes Manager?). 
> Thanks for listening. Minor point but it doesn't always refresh 
> automatically. Keep up the good work! 

When naming it Qube Manager, the emphasis is put on specifically qube's, but 
not Qubes OS as a whole system. From what I've understood, while the manager is 
back, it won't be controlling the whole system like it was intended to do in 
Qubes =< 3.2, but instead just the qube's, the VM's. You can still do more or 
less the same as before, somewhat, but new features will not be added to it, at 
least not for current release. 

Odds are that it may quite possibly forever remain a secondary manager, at 
least probably until someone writes a completely new manager which goes 
completely in hand with the qubes-admin system and other complex changes done 
in Qubes 4. The current return of the Qube Manager, does not appear to have 
been such a major re-work, which from what I understand will take a lot of time 
and work to do with all the Qubes 4 improvements. In other words, it's a bit 
watered down version of the old manager.

Also you must not forget, if the Qubes developers ever make major changes 
again, then re-doing a Manager all over again, seems a bit much considering how 
busy they are now and the little resources that are available. It might not 
make sense to make a new manager, at least until Qubes has stopped rapid 
development. From what I can see, Qubes 4.0 is just the beginning, it looks 
like the Qubes team is only getting started. Qubes may change and improve even 
further in upciming releases. Who knows though, this is just me sensing where 
its going, I may be entirely wrong. 

But tbh, while I too prefer GUI most of the time since it's generally faster, I 
did grow quite accustomed to not having the Qube Manager before RC-4 (starting 
to use Qubes 4 at RC-2). I realized I don't even open the Qube Manager now that 
I got it back, I simply don't need it anymore, with perhaps the exception to 
minitor the CPU/RAM, but I got other tools for that, like "xentop" for VM's and 
"top" for dom0, amongo ther tools. But I'm happy with the gesture of bringing 
it back, and also perhaps not everyone can get used to not having the manager, 
so it's still a nice change for that reason since eveyone are different and 
have different needs. I very much respect the Qubes developers for this 
gesture, even if I won't personally be using it.

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